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¿How to program a universal remote without code?

The steps to set up a universal remote are very similar between different makes and models. Below we show you the steps you must take to synchronize your control with the TV or the device without entering the code.

  1. Turn on the TV without using the remote.

  2. Press on the universal remote the key of the device you want to configure, Example: TV.

  3. Hold down the SET button pointing at the tv with the red led flashing..

  4. When the TV recognizes the universal remote, it will turn the volume up or turn off. (It may take between 20 seconds and a few minutes)

    ⚠When this happens, you must immediately release the SET button, or else you must remove the batteries from the control and put them back to repeat the process.

  5. And ¡ready! This way your universal remote will be programmed and synced to your device.

Option 1 video: Program universal remote without code

¿How to program a universal control with code?

If you want to manually insert the code using your universal remote, follow the steps below.

  1. Turn on the TV without using the remote.

  2. Press the SET button on the universal control and at the same time the button that indicates the device you want to configure, example: TV

  3. When the LED light on the remote turns on, point it at your TV or device and enter the appropriate code.

  4. If the code is correct, the control’s LED light will turn off and it will be ready to be used.

    ⚠If the code is incorrect, the control light will flash 2 times and you will have to repeat the process until you find the code corresponding to the brand and model of the device you want to connect.

  5. ¡And ready! you can now test your control. If it doesn’t work, repeat the steps until you find the correct code.


¿What to do if the control does not work?

If you enter the code manually and your control does not connect to the device, look for another one in our list of codes and try until you find the right one.

¿How to program a universal remote if I don’t have the code?

Press the SET button until the light starts flashing, then point to the device you want to connect. The control will start sending codes to the TV or device, when it finds it, the volume of your tv will automatically turn up or turn off and your control will be configured.

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