Configure universal control HUAYU HR-N98: By brand or without code

Configure Universal Remote Huayu HR-N98

¿Don’t know how to configure your HUAYU HR-N98 universal control? Don’t worry! In this guide we show you how you can do it without the need to have their codes.

¿How to program HUAYU HR-N98 universal remote without code?

To program your HUAYU HR-N98 universal remote without having to enter a code, follow the steps below.

  1. Manually turn on the TV without using a remote.

  2. Point the HR-N98 remote at the TV.

  3. With the remote pointed at the TV, press the button with the open lock until the light goes out.

  4. Now turn the control back on, pressing the SET button and without releasing press the power button.

  5. With the red control light on, you can use these 2 options:

    • If the brand of your television appears on the control keys, simply point to the TV and press the corresponding number and ¡voila!
    • If your TV’s brand is not found among the remote’s keys, press the volume key up pointing at the TV to begin scanning the TV’s code. Once you find it, the TV will turn up the volume and you should immediately release the volume button. And ready! In this way your HR-N98 control will already be configured.
    ButtonsTV brands

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¿What do I do if my control becomes unconfigured?

Remove the batteries from the control and repeat the process that we teach you in these instructions.

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