Programming universal control ISEL 32T-U32 or U32S: Codes + Manual

Configure Universal Control ISEL 32T-U32 or U32S

Through these instructions we teach you how to program and configure your ISEL 32T-U32 or U32S control easily and quickly. Get your codes and your programming instruction manual.

How to configure ISEL 32T-U32/U32s control with device codes?

Below you will see the instructions to configure the ISEL 32T-U32 control by entering the code of the device you want to connect.

  1. aim and press and hold the button of the device you want to connect for 3 seconds until the red indicator stays on. Example: TV

  2. Enter the 4 numbers of the code corresponding to the device that you will find in the list that you can download at the end of this guide.

  3. If the code is correct, the led light will flash 3 times, indicating that the control configuration is complete.

  4. And ready! Finally try all the keys to check their operation.

How to configure the ISEL 32T-U32/U32s control automatically?

If you want to configure the ISEL 32T-U32 or U32S control by automatically tracking the device code, follow these instructions.

  1. Turn on the device you want to configure without using the controller.

  2. Keep the control pointed at the device and press the key corresponding to the equipment you want to configure for 3 seconds (until the red led stays on)

  3. Enter the code of the device you wish to configure so that the control begins its automatic tracking. (you can find the code in the manual available for download at the end of this guide).

  4. Once the code is entered, the led light will begin to flash and track the code of the device. (Remember to keep the controller pointed at the device).

  5. When the equipment you are configuring shuts down, immediately press the key of the device you are configuring on the controller. TV example.

  6. And ready! Your remote will turn off the indicator light and your ISEL 32T-U32 will be ready to use.

ISEL 32T-U32 control manual and codes

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What should I do if my ISEL 32T-U32 control becomes unprogrammed or does not work?

Remove the batteries from the controller and reinsert them to repeat the setup process detailed in this guide.