Configure universal control ISEL 33T-U33: Codes + Manual

Configure universal control ISEL 33T-U33

In this guide we show you how to program your ISEL 33T-U33 control easily and quickly. Download your list of codes and your programming instruction manual.

How to program universal control ISEL 33T-U33 with code?

Follow the programming steps for your ISEL 33T-U33 control by entering the code for your device that you will find at the end of this guide.

  1. Locate your device’s 4-digit code on the list.

  2. Hold down the button of the device you want to program programexample: TV.

  3. enter the 4-digit code of your device.

  4. Release the device button to finish the setup.

  5. And ready! Press the power button to turn on the device.

How to program the universal control ISEL 33T-U33 manually?

To program your ISEl 33T-U33 control manually follow these instructions.

  1. Turn on the device you want to program.

  2. Hold down the button of the device you want to program program example: TV, DVD, audio, ETC.

  3. enter the code : 0000.

  4. Release the button on the device and the indicator light will stay on.

  5. Press and release the button on or Channel up▲pointing the remote at the computer that is turned on until it goes out.

  6. When your computer is turned off, press the ENTER button and your remote will save the code.

ISEL 33T-U33 Control Codes and Manual