Configure universal control ISEL 34T-X16: Codes + manual

Configure universal control ISEL 34T-X16

In this guide we show you how to configure your ISEL 34T-X16 control easily and quickly . Get your code list and setup instructions manual.

How to configure the ISEL 34T-X16 control?

Follow the programming steps for the ISEL 34T-X16 control by entering its code manually.

  1. Long press option PROG for 3 seconds (until the led indicator stays on)

  2. When the led is on, press the button on the control that indicates the brand of your television.

  3. And ready! the led indicator will flash 3 timesindicating that your code has been saved.

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The markings on the buttons of my control were erased, how can I configure it?

Download or view the button corresponding to the brand of your television and follow the steps that we teach you in this guide.