Programming universal control ISEL 39T-U39: Codes + Manual

Configure universal control ISEL 39T-U39

Through these instructions we show you how to program and configure your ISEL 39T-U39 control easily and quickly. Know your list of codes and programming instructions manual.

Program universal control ISEL 39T-U39 by code.

Find your device code in the downloadable list at the end of this guide and follow these prompts to set it up.

  1. With your controller pointed at the device, press the button that corresponds to the device. Example: TV, SAT, ETC.

  2. While holding down the button SET enter the 4-digit code.

  3. release the button SET to end programming.

  4. And ready! your control will be ready to use.

Program universal control ISEL 39T-U39 automatic search.

If you can’t find your device code, follow these directions to automatically track your device code.

  1. Turn on the equipment you want to configure without using the control.

  2. Aim at the computer and select the button of the device you want to configure on the controller. Example: TV or SAT.

  3. hold the button SET and at the same time press on the control: 0000

  4. release the button SET and the red indicator will stay on.

  5. Press the power button over and over until the equipment turns off.

  6. When the device turns off, press the enter button to save the settings.

  7. And ready! You can now use your 39T-U39 control

ISEL 39T-U39 control manual and codes

Universal Control Codes 39T-U39

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What is the code of my 39T-U39 control?

Verify the code of your device brand in the list that we make available for download.