Configure universal control ISEL 51T-U51: list of codes + manual

Configure universal control ISEL 51T-U51

Learn how to configure your ISEL 51T-U51 control easily and quickly. Know your list of codes and programming instructions manual .

Programming universal control ISEL 51T-U51

Below we show you the configuration steps for the ISEL 51T-U51 control by entering your code manually.

  1. hold the button of the device you want to use while you enter the code. Example: AUX, TV, Cable, ETC.

  2. then place the 4 digits of the code indicated for the equipment you want to configure. Download the code in the list that you can find here below.

  3. Release the button on the device after entering the code.

  4. And ready! your 51T-U51 control is ready to be used, test that the buttons work or if not, repeat the configuration and programming process.

Configure ISEL 51T-U51 control without code

Below you will see the configuration instructions for your ISEL 51T-U51 control automatically.

  1. turn on manually the equipment you need to manage with your 51T-U51 control

  2. hold down the device option you need to configure while you enter the following code the code 0000.

  3. Keep pointing the 51T-U51 controller at your computer and repeatedly press the power key «POWER or channel up ▲» until your equipment turns off.

     Important: if you need to go back in the search, press the channel key down ▼ or up ▲ in case you want to go up.

  4. Finally, when the equipment is turned off, you must save the configuration by pressing the «SELECT«. the 51T-U51 control light will turn off and on3 times showing that the code has been saved successfully.

  5. And ready! The 51T-U51 control will have been configured.

Manual universal control ISEL 51T-U51

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Frequent questions:

How do I reset my remote to enter a new code?

To enter a new code, reset your controller by removing the batteries and reinserting them.