Configure universal control ISEL 59T-U59SL: Manual + Codes

Configure Universal Control ISEL 59T-U59SL

In this guide we teach you how to program and configure your ISEL 59T-U59SL control step by step. We show you its instruction manual and list of configuration code .

How to configure and program the ISEL 59T-U59SL control by code?

Follow the instructions below to program your ISEL 59T-U59SL control by entering the device code.

  1. Find your device code, in the following list.

  2. Press the key of the device you want to configure for 3 seconds “Example: TV, DVD, ETC” until the indicator light stays on.

  3. Press the 4 digit code that corresponds to the brand and device you want to program.

  4. indicator light will flash 3 times showing that it has been saved successfully.

  5. And ready! your ISEL 59T-U59SL control will have been configured.

How to configure the universal control ISEL 59T-U59SL automatically?

  1. Turn on the TV or device you want to manually program without using the controller.

  2. in control ISEL 59T-U59SL press for 3 seconds the button of the device you want to configure “Example: TV, DVD, AUDIO, ETC”, until the indicator light stays on.

  3. Aim the controller steadily at the device what do you want to program and Enter the 4-digit code corresponding.

    3001DVD, BD
  4. The indicator light on the control will begin to track the code of the device blinking until you find the indicated one. When the remote finds the code, the device will turn on or off.

  5. When the device turns on or off, you should stop the code search by pressing the OK key on the ISEL 59T-U59SL control.

     Note: If you couldn’t pause the code search in time, you can go back the search by pressing the channel down (CH-) button.

  6. And ready! the configuration of your 59T-U59SL control is ready.

Instruction manual ISEL 59T-U59SL

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My controller doesn’t work, what can I do?

To reprogram your ISEL 59T-U59SL remote again, remove the batteries from the remote and re-insert them before repeating the instructions in this guide.