Configure universal control ISEL 59T-X591: list of codes + instruction manual

programming isel 59T-X591 universal remote
Configure Universal Control ISEL 59T-X591

Learn how to program and configure your ISEL 59T-X591 control easily and quickly. Download its codes and its instructional programming manual.

Configure ISEL 59T-X591 control

Below we show you the instructions to configure the ISEL 59T-X591 control by entering your code manually.

  1. hold the buttonMUTEand then enterthe 4 digits of the codeof the device you want to configure. Locate the code in the list that you can find below.

  2. release the buttonMUTEto end the programming and the control led 59T-X591 will turn off and on 3 times indicating that the code has been programmed successfully.

  3. And ready! the 59T-X591 control will output the code POWER to turn on the TV.

How to configure ISEL 59T-X591 control automatically?

Follow the instructions to configure your ISEL 59T-X591 control by automatic search.

  1. turn on manually the equipment you want to control with your 59T-X591 control

  2. hold down the key MUTE and then insert the code 0000.

  3. release the key MUTE and the control led will remain on.

  4. Keep pointing the 59T-X591 controller at your computer and repeatedly press the power key «POWER» until your TV turns off.

  5. Finally, when the equipment is turned off, you must save the programmed code by pressing the «okay«. The indicator light will turn off and on 3 times signaling that the code has been configured successfully.

  6. And ready!

Manual universal control ISEL 59T-X591

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How to enter the code of my device to the ISEl 59T-X591 control?

Simply hold down the MUTE button while entering the code for your device which you can find listed in this guide.