How to program Philips SRP1001/10 universal remote: Codes + Manual

Configure Philips SRP1001/10 universal remote

Through these instructions we show you how to program your Philips SRP1001/10 remote control easily and quickly. Know your codes and your programming instruction manual.

Configure Philips SRP1001/10 remote

Below you can see the configuration steps for your Philips SRP1001/10 remote.

  1. Turn on the TV manually or use the original remote. Tune to channel 1.

  2. Find the brand of your TV in the list of codes at the end of this guide (Back of the manual).

  3. Press and hold keys 1 and 3 on the remote simultaneously for 5 “five seconds” until the indicator light stays on.

  4. Then enter the code from the list using the control keys.

    ⚠ The indicator light will now flash twice. If the indicator light flashes once for a long period of time, the code was not entered correctly or the wrong code was entered. Start over from step 2

  5. Check that all the keys work correctly and DONE!

    💬Don’t forget to write down your code in case you need to use it quickly for new control programming.

Philips SRP1001/10 remote control manual and code list

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