Configure Philips SRP1101/10 universal remote: Code list + Manual

Configure Philips SRP1101/10 universal remote

Do you need to configure your Philips SRP1101/10 remote control? In this guide we show you how to program your Philips SRP1101/10 remote control easily and quickly. Download your code list and your configuration instruction manual.

¿How to program Philips SRP1101/10 universal remote with code?

Below you will see the instructions to enter the code corresponding to the device you want to configure in your Philips SRP1101/10 remote control.

  1. Turn on your TV without using the remote.

  2. Simultaneously press and hold buttons “1 and 6” and for 5 seconds.

    The green setup indicator will light up and the remote will now be in setup mode.

  3. Find the code corresponding to the brand of your device in the list that you will find at the end of this guide.

  4. Enter the corresponding code by pressing the numbers on the control.

    If the indicator turns off, the control is ready, otherwise an invalid or wrong code has been entered. In that case, please try again.

  5. And ready! Your control will be ready to be used.

Philips SRP1101/10 universal remote control manual and code list

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¿What type of batteries does the control use?

The Philips SRP1101/10 remote uses AAA type batteries.