How to program Philips SRP5004/87 and SRP5004/53 universal remote control: Code list + Manual

Configure universal remote control Philips SRP5004/87

In this guide we show you how to program your Philips SRP5004/87 or SRP5004/53 remote control easily and quickly. Know your codes and your programming instruction manual.

¿How to configure the Philips SRP5004/87 remote control by code?

Follow the instructions to program your Philips SRP5004/87 remote by entering the corresponding code.

  1. Turn on your TV or device and tune to channel 1

  2. Press and hold the corresponding TV or device button for 5 seconds until the red indicator lights up.

    💬 When the led turns on, the control will remain in programming mode.

  3. Find the device code in the list at the end of this guide.

  4. Press the code corresponding to your equipment.

    ⚠ If the LED turns off, it indicates that an invalid code has been dialed. In that case, try again.

  5. Point the Philips SRP2008B/86 remote at the TV directly and press and hold the “Power” button until the TV turns off.

    💬This step normally lasts between 5 and 60 seconds. In some extreme cases, this step can take up to 15 minutes.

  6. To finish, turn on the TV and check that all the buttons work correctly and voila!

Philips SRP5004/87 remote codes list and manual

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¿What batteries does my Philips SRP5004/87 remote control use?

The controller uses AAA type batteries.

¿What should I do if the entered code does not work?

Check that the code entered is correct or try the next one on the list.