Set up Steren universal control: How to program Steren controls with or without code?

Program Steren Universal Remote – All Models.

We show you how to configure your Steren universal control for all its models.

Configure Steren universal control by models

rm-8rm-11rm-115rm-260 / rm-261
Steren Universal Controls Model List

¿How to set up a Steren universal control?

Below we show you the most frequent configuration for the Steren controls.

  1. Turn on your television or Smart TV manually without using the control.

  2. Point the Steren universal control at the TV or Smart TV

  3. Hold down the power button pointing at the TV until the TV light stays on.

  4. Keep the remote pointed at the TV for the remote to start tracking its code and wait until the TV turns off.

    ⚠Important: The remote can take between 10 seconds to 5 minutes or more to track the TV code depending on its model.

  5. When the TV turns off, immediately press any button to confirm the settings.

  6. And ready! In this way your Steren universal control is already configured and ready to be used.

    Explanatory video: How to program the Steren universal control.

Configure Steren universal control by brand

The second option to configure the Steren control will depend on your television matching the marks found on the number buttons. To set up this way, follow these directions.

  1. Turn on your TV manually without using the remote. (You can also try it with the TV off.
  2. Point the Steren universal remote at the TV.
  3. Hold down the power button on the remote and at the same time press the number button that indicates the brand of TV.
  4. And that’s it! Your Steren universal control is now configured and ready to use with the brand of your television.


Can I program my Steren control if I don’t have the manual?

Of course! Simply follow the steps that we show in this guide to track the code corresponding to your television or Smart tv.

My control was deprogrammed, what can I do?

Simply remove the batteries from the Steren controller and put them back in, then repeat the steps outlined in this guide again.