Configure universal control STEREN RM-1000: Program with and without code + Manual

Configure universal control Steren RM-1000
Configure universal control STEREN RM-1000

Learn how to configure your RM-1000 universal control in the fastest and easiest way. We show you its manual and codes for the different brands of televisions.

Configure STEREN RM-1000 control by TV brand.

Below you can see the steps to configure your RM-1000 control.

  1. Locate where your TV brand is located on the remote.

  2. point to your tv and press and hold the POWER button and then press the button corresponding to the brand of your television.

  3. And ready! the TV will turn on or off and the control button will light up 2 times indicating that it has been configured.

Manual and codes Steren RM-1000

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Frequent questions:

What do I do if my RM-1000 control becomes unprogrammed?

Take out the batteries and put them back in the control to repeat the process that we show you in this guide or that you will find in its manual.