Configure universal control STEREN RM-11: Programming with or without codes

Configure universal control STEREN RM-11

Do you need to program your STEREN RM-11 universal control ? In this guide you will learn how to configure the RM-11 control step by step and without complications.

How to configure the STEREN RM-11 universal control?

To program your RM-11 universal control, follow the steps below.

  1. Manually turn on your TV without using the remote.

  2. Point the RM-11 remote at your TV and hold the button SET for about 5 or 6 seconds until the indicator led stays on.

  3. Start turning up the TV volume with the RM-11 control . When you see the sound indicator on the TV screen, immediately release the volume button.

    ⚠Note: This may take time depending on your TV model. If you miss the code by turning up the volume, you can go back with the volume down key or repeat the process to start over.

  4. To finish, press the button SET to save the settings.

  5. And ready! your remote is now ready to use.

Explanatory video: How to configure universal control STEREN RM-11

Manual and codes Steren RM-11

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Frequent questions:

My RM-11 control was deprogrammed, ¿what do I do?

Simply remove and re-insert the remote’s batteries and repeat the process outlined in this guide and your remote will be reprogrammed.