Configure universal control STEREN RM-115: Program with or without codes

Configure universal control STEREN RM-115

In this guide we will show you how to configure your RM-115 control automatically and without code.

How to configure the STEREN RM-115 universal control?

If you need to program your STEREN RM-115 universal control, follow the steps below.

  1. With the controller pointed at the device, press and hold the corresponding team button . Example: TV

  2. When the red light stays on, press the channel up button ONCE .

    ⚠Important: remember to have the control pointed at the TV.

  3. The STEREN RM-115 universal control will start to track the code of your TV or device automatically.

    ⚠Important: It can take between  10 seconds to  5 minutes or more.

  4. And ready! once your television is turned off or on, the control will already be configured and ready to be used.

Explanatory video: How to configure universal control STEREN RM-11

Manual and codes Steren RM-115

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My RM-11 control was deprogrammed, what do I do?

To set it up again, unplug the TV for 3 minutes and remove the batteries from the remote before repeating the process again.