Program Huayu universal control: Configuration for all models

Program Huayu Universal Remote – All Models.

If you need to program your Huayu universal remote, in this guide we show you the programming steps for all models. Select your control in the list and access its detailed guide.

Guides to program HUAYU control by models.

Guides for Huayu universal controls.

Program Huayu universal remote without code

To program the Huayu remote automatically and without code, follow these instructions.

  • Option 1: configure huayu control without code.

    1. Turn on the TV manually without using the remote.
    2. Press the SET button + the Power button on the Huayu controller at the same time.
    3. Point the huayu control at the television and press the power button again and the led light will begin to flash.
    4. The control will start tracking the code to sync automatically.
    5. When the control syncs, the TV will turn up the volume or turn off, and you must press the SET button.
    Explanatory video: Program Huayu control automatically.
  • Option 2: configure huayu control without code with volume key.

    1. Turn on the TV manually without using the remote..
    2. Press the SET button + the Power button on the Huayu control at the same time and the led light will turn on.
    3. Point the Huayu remote at the TV.
    4. Start pressing the volume up key until the TV recognizes it.
    5. When the TV turns up the volume, press the SET button immediately
    Explanatory video: Programming Huayu control by tracking code with volume.


¿How to program a Huayu universal remote if I don’t have the code?

If you don’t have the code for your Huayu universal remote, you can use the automatic tracking option to program it. Press the SET button + the Power button, then point the remote at the TV and press the Power button again so that the remote begins to search for the code and sync with your TV.

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