Set Universal Control HUAYU RM-L1316: Program Without Codes

Configure Huayu rm-l1107+8

Below you will see how to configure the HUAYU RM-L1316 universal control without having its manual or list of codes.

¿How to program Huayu rm-l1107+8 universal remote without code?

If you need to program your HUAYU RM-L1316 control for the first time, follow the steps below.

  1. Turn on the TV without using the remote.

  2. Point the HUAYU RM-L1316 remote at your TV.

  3. Press and hold the red power button (Without releasing) with the HUAYU RM-L1316 control pointing towards the TV.

  4. The remote will automatically start to scan the TV’s code.

  5. When the TV detects the code, it will automatically turn up the volume.

    ⚠Important: Depending on the model of your TV, tracking the code can take between 🕗10 Seconds to 🕗5 Minutes or more.

  6. When you see the volume on the TV screen, immediately release the button.

  7. ¡And ready! As simple as that, your HUAYU RM-L1316 control will be ready to be used.

Explanatory video: How to configure universal control Huayu RM-L1316

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¿Can I configure the RM-L1316 control without a code?

Yes. By holding down the power button and pointing at the TV, the TV will automatically detect the code. Follow the steps that we show you in this guide.

My control was deprogrammed, what do I do?

Remove the batteries from the controller and repeat the setup process as explained in the guide.

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