Configure universal control Huayu rm-l1107+8: Program with or without code

Huayu rm-l1107+8

In this guide we show you how to configure and program your Huayu rm-l1107+8 universal control automatically and by entering the manual code.

How to program Huayu rm-l1107+8 universal remote without code?

To program the rm-l1107+8 control without code, follow the steps below.

  1. Turn on your TV without using the universal remote.

  2. Press the power button + SET button on the controller at the same time for 6-7 seconds until the light stays on.

    Configurar Huayu rm-l1107+8
  3. Next, point the rm-l1107+8 control at the TV that is on and start turning up the volume (pressing again and again) to track the corresponding code.

  4. When the TV indicates that the volume has been turned up, immediately press the SET button.

  5. ¡And ready! In this way your Huayu rm-l1107+8 remote control will be ready to be used.

    ⚠Important: Depending on the model of your TV, tracking the code by pressing the volume key can take between 🕗30 Seconds to 🕗4 Minutes or more.

Explanatory video: How to configure universal control Huayu rm-l1107+8


¿Can I program my Huayu rm-l1107+8 control if I don’t have the code?

Yes. You can do this by pressing the SET key + Power button for 6 seconds, then point the remote at your tv and start turning up the sound until the volume is dialed in by the TV. To finish, press set again and voila!

I have passed the tracked code by increasing the volume, ¿what do I do?

If you were tracking the code with your controller and accidentally overdid it. You can go back with the volume key down until the TV indicates the volume graph on the screen again. Remember to press the SET key again when the TV indicates the volume to save the setting.

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