How to program universal control STEREN RM-2000: List of codes + Configuration Manual

Configure universal control STEREN RM-2000

If you want to configure your Steren RM-2000 universal control, stay until the end of this guide where we show you how to program your control with its code and instruction manual.

Program universal control Steren RM-2000 By TV code.

Locate the code of your television brand in the instruction manual that you will find available to download at the end of this post and follow these instructions.

  1. Turn on your TV without using the remote.

  2. Point the remote at your TV and hold the SETUP button until the red light stays on. When the light is on, release the button.

  3. Press once on the control the type of device you want to configure. Example: TV, DVD, etc.

  4. Enter the 4-digit code of your device brand that you will find in the manual that you will find available at the end of this post.

  5. If the code entered is correct, the red indicator will turn off and your control will be programmed and configured to be used. Otherwise, if the code is incorrect, the red light will flash twice and you will have to enter a new code until you find the correct one.

  6. And ready! As simple as that, your RM-2000 control is already programmed and ready to use.

Program RM-2000 automatically.

  1. Turn on your TV without using the remote.

  2. Point the remote at your tv and hold SETUP until the red indicator stays on.

  3. Press the button of the device you want to use: TV, DVD, ETC.

  4. Press the channel change button up pointing at the TV or device until it changes channels.

    ⚠Note: If you accidentally go too far, you can go back with the down switch button.

  5. When the device turns off or produces any action on the screen, immediately release the channel change button and immediately press the MUTE button to save the code.

  6. And ready! the programming of the control is ready.

Manual and codes of the universal control Steren RM-2000

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What to do if my RM-2000 control is unprogrammed and does not work?

Remove the batteries from the remote and put them back, then repeat the process that we teach you in this guide.