Configure universal control ISEL 61T-U61SL: Codes and Instruction Manual

Programming universal control ISEL 61T-U61SL

Learn how to configure and program the ISEL 61T-U61SL universal control . We show you its configuration codes and instruction manual.

How to program universal control ISEL 61T-U61SL with code?

Follow these instructions to set up the ISEL 61T-U61SL Universal Control.

  1. Locate the code of the device in the following list.

  2. Press the button on the device for 3 seconds “Example: TV, DVD, ETC” Until the led indicator stays on.

  3. Dial the 4-digit code that corresponds to the device you want to program based on the list above.

  4. The led will flash 3 times indicating that it has been configured correctly.

  5. And ready!

How to program the ISEL 61T-U61SL control automatically?

  1. Turn on the device or tv you want to configure without using the controller.

  2. in control ISEL 61T-U61SL press for 3 seconds the button of the device you want to program «Example: TV, DVD, AUDIO, ETC», until the bright led stay on.

  3. Point the controller at the device what do you want to use and Enter the 4-digit code according to the following list.

    3001DVD, BD
  4. The indicator led of the control will begin to track device code. When the remote locates the correct code, the device you are configuring will turn on or off.

  5. Immediately the equipment turns on or off, you must pause the code search by pressing the OK button on the 61T-U61SL control.

  6. And ready!

Instruction manual ISEL 61T-U61SL

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Frequent questions:

How many times can I reprogram my 61T-U61SL remote?

If your remote becomes unprogrammed, you can repeat the setup process as many times as necessary, simply remove and reinsert the batteries before applying the instructions.