Configure Philips SRU8015/10 universal remote: Code list + Manual

Configure Philips SRU8015/10 universal remote

Do you want to program your Philips SRU8015/10 remote control? In this guide we show you how to program and configure your Philips SRU8015/10 remote control easily and quickly. Know your codes and configuration instructions manual.

How to program Philips SRU8015/10 universal remote

In order to set up and use your Philips SRU8015/10 universal remote, please follow the steps below.

  1. Put the batteries in your control SRU8015/10

  2. Next, select the language you want to use by scrolling with the control wheel.

  3. To select the language, press the check symbol (✔)

  4. Then press the HOME key and select the device you want to use.

  5. And ready!

Philips SRU8015/10 universal remote control manual and code list

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¿What batteries does my Philips SRU8015/10 remote control have?

Use LR6 AA type alkaline batteries for your controller.