Programming universal control RCA RCR311STR with and without codes + instruction manual

Configure RCA RCR311STR Universal Remote

We teach you how to program the RCA RCR311STR universal control for TV, DVD, Smart TV and all the devices available for each model. Discover the programming codes and instruction manuals.

How to program RCA RCR311STR universal remote without entering codes

Below you can find the configuration steps for the RCA RCR311STR control without entering codes.

  1. Manually turn on the TV or device you want to program.

  2. On the RCR311STR control, hold down the corresponding device key, Example: TV, and at the same time press the ON/OFF key until the red light turns on.

  3. Next, point your RCA universal remote directly at the TV or device and press the PLAY ▶ button.

  4. Wait for your TV or device to turn off. (if nothing happens and the red light stays on, after 3 or 4 seconds, press the PLAY ▶ option again).

  5. When the TV or device turns off, the next step is to press the REVERSE (REW) button and wait a few seconds for the TV or device to turn on. If after 3 or 4 seconds it does not turn on, press the REVERSE option again.

    ⚠This must be done until the TV or device turns on.

  6. When the TV turns on, press the STOP button to stop searching and save the settings.

  7. And ready! Your RCR311STR control will be configured.

RCA RCR311STR Universal Remote Instruction Manual

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